For 【新郎名】 and 【新婦名】 曜日 on 日付 月.
Speech by 【新郎友人名】


Welcome, Mr and Mrs【新婦旧姓】, Mr & Mrs 【新郎姓】 senior,
friends and family who have travelled from near and far,

I am honoured at being asked to say a few words on this very important day in 【新郎名】 and 【新婦名】’s life.

Firstly for the bride;
【新婦名】, you look amazing today

I rise to offer a toast to you. May this day be the beginning of a new chapter
in a love story that will endure forever, and bring joy and happiness to you and your new husband.

May you always remember and honor the vows you made today
and let them be the strong foundation on which your life together will be built.

Please join me in raising your glasses. Repeat after me;
To the bride
All: To the bride
(everyone raises their glasses and takes a sip)

For the Groom,

I have known 【新郎名】 for nearly half my life. We first meet at the 【出会った学校など】 西暦.
We were in the same class and roomed next to each other. I was a quiet lad,
【新郎名】 was confident and bit boisterous.

【新郎名】 took me under his wing, he looked out for me and helped me through the academy.
He is still helping me today.

I was welcomed into his family and some of 【新郎名】’s good friends have become some of mine.

Mr and Mr 【新婦旧姓】, your daughter is in safe hands.
【新郎名】 is a man who is keeps his word.
He cares very deeply for your daughter and will do his upmost to honour the commitment he has made here today.
【新郎名】, take 【新婦名】’s, hand and place your hand over hers.
Now, remember this moment and cherish it… because this will be the last time you’ll ever have the upper hand!
Please be upstanding and raise your glasses.

May your love be added, may it never be subtracted, may your household multiply,
and may your hearts never be divided.

To the bride & groom
All: To the bride and groom
From  【新郎友人名】